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Want Praise? Bad Idea

Want Praise? Bad Idea, "Never need praise, approval or sympathy." -- L. Ron Hubbard, from "The Code of Honor" If you need to be important, to be admired and to be praised, you will be...
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Two Reasons Why People Might Dislike You

Two Reasons Why People Might Dislike You, When people do not like you, they ignore you, disagree with you or attack you. So to make people like you, you might take extra showers, use a...
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Two Powerful Rules for Unlimited Happiness

Two Powerful Rules for Unlimited Happiness, Does someone else decide how happy you are? Is your happiness predetermined and out of your control? Does luck have anything to do with it?...
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Two Elements of Success

The Two Elements of Success, To succeed you need both force and intelligence. Every failure you have ever had was because you lacked sufficient force or intelligence. If you use the...
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How to Get Tougher

How to Get Tougher, "How many times in your life have you decided: ‘Well let's see, I couldn't handle so and so. I guess I'd better handle just a little bit less.' And then the first...
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