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A Powerful Success Habit

Your ability to learn, to educate yourself, is vital to your success. If you can learn new subjects and master new skills, your opportunities expand significantly. For example, you could write computer programs, understand and work in the international financial world or repair any equipment made.

L. Ron Hubbard discovered several reasons people have a hard time learning. Instead of placing the blame on teachers, society or the lack of education funds, his solutions revolve around study habits.

One of the most important study habits you can have is to use a dictionary.


The Misunderstood Word

This study technique involves the most important study habit you can form. This one habit will allow you to successfully learn any subject, no matter how advanced.

To use this tool, you will need a dictionary. If you do not own one, you must get one. The best dictionary uses simple, easy-to-understand words in the definitions. It's also important that the dictionary shows you the roots (derivations) of words.

Get out your dictionary and look at a few definitions. Are they easy for you to understand? If not, consider buying a simpler dictionary, such as a student or intermediate-level dictionary. If your dictionary is too simple, and does not give you derivations, get a more advanced dictionary.

You can also use the free dictionaries stored on the Internet, such as


Using a dictionary, you can now form the following study habit.

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