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"In life, the only real guarantee of survival is abundance."

-- L. Ron Hubbard from Self Analysis

For example, George needs $3000 per month to pay his bills and he earns $3000 per month. George is stressed and at risk. He cannot guarantee that he'll have $3000 to pay his bills every month.

He may get sick and miss work for a week. His company may ask him to reduce his hours. He may have forgotten about his tax bill and actually needs $3500 per month.

Donna also needs $3000 per month, but before she allowed her monthly needs to grow to $3000 per month, she figured out how to earn $8000 per month. If she misses a week of work or needs to give her sister an emergency loan, she can do it.

Even though she can afford a fancier apartment or a new car, she keeps her monthly needs at $3000 per month. When it comes to money, she is relaxed and confident. Her chances of survival are much better than George's.

The greater the abundance, the greater your success.


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