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Are You Controlling Money or Is Money Controlling You?

Even if you do not make much money, you can and should be in full control of your money.

10 Signs Money Is Controlling You

• You constantly worry about paying your bills

• You often wish you could buy more things

• Your only goal in life is to get rich, but you have no realistic plan

• You spend money to feel better

• You blame others for your financial problems (government, boss, spouse)

• You judge people based on the amount of money they own

• You lie, cheat or steal to get money; even a little lying or cheating shows money is controlling you

• You take unnecessary financial risks

• You use credit to buy things that decrease in value, such as expensive cars or expensive clothing

• Money controls your mood-you feel good or bad based on your finances

10 Signs You Are Controlling Money

• You decide to buy something, save the money, and get what you want

• You buy things that increase in value

• You invest in yourself, such as more education or personal improvement

• You donate to causes you believe in, even if just small amounts

• You keep your financial agreements

• You have good credit

• You pay your taxes

• Cheating you out of your money is very difficult

• Each year, your earning power improves and financial worth increases

• You use money as a tool to follow your dreams and reach your goals

Five Ways to Control Money

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