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BE a Success

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The Correct BE

You have the ability to BE anything. Remember when you were very young you could BE a race car driver in the morning, a king in the afternoon and a famous singer after dinner?


It's not only fun to BE something new, it is VITAL for your success.


For example, Jane wants a healthy body and wants to exercise every day. Yet instead of forcing herself to start jogging, she works on the BE. She puts on her running suit, her running shoes and her running hat. She stretches her muscles like a runner. She straps her portable stereo to her arm, puts on the headphones and turns on some rock n' roll.


By the time she finishes preparing, she can't wait to go out and start jogging! She feels healthy already. Because she is BEING a healthy runner, the DO is much easier. She goes outside and enjoys her run.


The Incorrect BE

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