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How to Predict Your Success

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Are You a Spectator or a Player?

“If a man can dream, if a man can have goals, he can be happy and he can be alive. If he has no goals he doesn't even have a future.”-- L. Ron Hubbard

To make your future, try asking yourself, “What should I make happen? What shall I accomplish? What do I WANT in my future?”

The future is like an empty field. No one is playing on it yet. You can run out there and start the game.

While people like Chris are sitting in the stands, you can go ahead and play the game of life.

The Game Is Yours

Write one of your most important goals for 2010.

Ask yourself, “What future do I predict if I just sit on my hands and wait for this goal to be reached?”

Next, write down one step you can take, right now, toward this important goal.

Ask yourself, “If I do this one step and then another and then another, what is my future?”

And there you have it! You are predicting your future.


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