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What Will Happen to Your Finances?

As you know, the world is having financial problems. The stock market and real estate market have crashed. Businesses are going bankrupt. More people have recently lost their jobs than in the past 26 years.

So when will the bad financial times end? Simple.

"Money: an idea backed with confidence." -- L. Ron Hubbard

Many people are not making their loan payments, so banks have lost confidence in borrowers. They do not want to give out loans that may not be paid back.

Investors have lost confidence in the stock market. They are worried they will lose their money, so they sell their stock.

Many workers do not have confidence in their jobs. To be safe, they do not spend much money. They do not borrow money because they are not sure they can pay it back.

Yet, for the economy to recover, people need to have confidence.

Workers need to feel confident that they will keep their jobs. Banks need to have confidence that borrowers will pay them back. Businesses need to have confidence that people will buy their goods and services.

For you to succeed, you also need confidence. You need to know your future will be successful.

What most people do not realize is that their confidence in the future can be created with a mental illusion.

The Future

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