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Your Biggest Source of Trouble and Anxiety (Part One)

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Have you ever been to a meeting when someone said, "We’re all having troubles because of the economy," “People don’t like anyone who’s too successful” or "Everyone in this area is having a rough time"? These are generalities.


Whenever you hear a statement that starts, "Everyone says . . . “ or “All the citizens feel . . . “ or "The employees think . . . ,” you must perk your ears. You have just heard the start of a generality.


Now if the generality is a good message, you can relax. “Everyone thinks you are doing a great job!” However, if the message is negative, the speaker is pointing a knife at your back. “No one believes your little act.” “Everyone thinks the pay is too low.” “No one wears their hair like that any more.”


One reason the news media is such a poor influence on society is their generalities. Just listen to the news or read a newspaper and you see generalities. “ was shocked and saddened . . .” “Sources revealed that . . .” “Critics asked why the President said . . .”


The newspaper reporter would not be as upsetting if he or she was specific. “My daughter asked me why the President said . . .”



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