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Five Ways to Get Rich

If you think about it, there are only five ways you can get rich.

1. Gamble. Buy lottery tickets or spend your vacation time in a casino trying to hit it big. Unfortunately, most people, even professional gamblers, eventually lose all their money with this method.

2. Sue somebody. Get the driver of a new Mercedes to hit you and then sue. Fall and smash your face in a jewelry store and then sue. Pretend to find a severed finger in your can of soup and then sue. Unfortunately, with this method, you can hurt yourself or wind up in jail.

3. Marry a wealthy person or inherit your money. Finding a rich person, who wants to marry you, may be difficult. Being nice to wealthy relatives until they die can take many years. In either case, you have very little control of your future wealth.

4. Steal. Some people spend years trying to steal money through the Internet, with investment schemes or by embezzling company money. Yet just like bank robbers, they usually get caught and live out their lives in prison.

5. Earn it. Yes, the honest approach is actually the easiest and the most likely to work for you. You provide a service or product that people need and you deliver it. The greater your “service capacity,” the richer you get!

What Is Your Service Capacity?

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