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Getting Organized

As covered in two previous articles, to succeed you need to NAME and WANT whatever product or result you are after. The third component is GETTING ORGANIZED.

“The purpose of organization is TO MAKE PLANNING BECOME ACTUALITY.”

 -- L. Ron Hubbard

Well-organized operations make it simple for its employees to follow the set procedures. For example, McDonald's restaurants can train a high-school student to run the cash register, fill orders and provide good service with just a few days of training. Everyone in McDonald's does it the same efficient way, from to to .

Successful individuals are also well organized. They get the most possible productivity with the least amount of time and effort. Their work space is orderly and clean. Their possessions are kept in good working order and easy to locate. They are punctual, dependable and efficient.

Organized people stay on top of the routine actions necessary to successful living. Their cars run well, their desks are clean and their closets are orderly. They set goals, work out doable plans and figure out their priorities. Because they are organized and ready to produce, they get more things done than people who are disorganized.

You, too, must be organized to achieve your dreams.

Six Key Ingredients

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