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Hard Work

Highly-successful people love to work. Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods practiced for 12-15 hours per day to reach their skill level. Bill Gates worked 20-hour days for years. Thomas Edison, who wanted to work at night, built thousands of unworkable light bulbs before discovering one that worked.

Hard-working employees have better job security than lazy employees. Hard work helps professionals rise to the top of their professions. Businesses that beat their competitors are run by people who work the hardest.

When you have no problem working hard, you can accomplish great things. You reach your goals. You have self-respect and pride.

Ten Excuses for Not Working Hard

1.    "No one can succeed in this economy."

2.    "Everyone else is taking it easy."

3.    "I have a medical condition."

4.    "I'm a boss and bosses don't have to work hard."

5.    "It takes up my valuable energy."

6.    "I don't get paid enough."

7.    "I don't have the time for it right now."

8.    "Once the boss sees you can work hard, you have to do it all the time."

9.    "I'll work hard when I feel like it."

10. "Hard work leads to workaholism."

"Be Industrious"

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