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How to Be Liked and Admired

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The Solution

"The only way, really, to be liked or admired is to not care if you are liked or admired but to act most any way you please. And you'll be surprised at how many people will like and admire you." -- L. Ron Hubbard

For example, you meet a new customer who acts like a big shot. You want him to like you, but he won't even look at you. He just gives you orders. So you don't give a darn and just act like yourself. The customer starts to like you.

As another example, you want to meet a lot of people for fun. You once felt you needed to get drunk and act like an idiot so you would fit in. But now you decide to just go to a party and not drink or act silly. You find you have much more fun as you are just being yourself. You notice more people want to talk to you.

Another good example is when you are a boss. You want your staff members to like you, but giving them raises or being really nice to them actually makes you less popular. So you decide to not care if your staff likes you or not; you'll just make them do a good job. You take control, give orders and make sure the work is done properly. Your people are soon the best performers in the group and everyone makes more money, as a result. You are very popular.



Whenever you feel the need to be liked or admired, don't give a darn. Be honest, be yourself and do whatever you feel is right. Act any way you please and watch the results.

Give it a try!


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