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How to Become a Leader

Terry and Joe are mechanics at Dan's Auto Repair Shop. Both fellows want to get ahead in life, but they operate in different ways.

For example, when Joe makes a mistake, he swears and smacks his tool on the ground. When Terry makes a mistake, he slows down, adjusts the tool and carefully does the work again. He increases his control of the tool.

At 5:00 each night, Joe puts down his tools and walks out the door to get a beer. Terry wipes off his tools, cleans up his area and helps Dan close up.  He increases his responsibility.

During the weekends, Joe watches football while Terry reads auto repair magazines and shop manuals. Terry increases his knowledge.

Joe gets frustrated when he can't pay his bills, can't get along with his wife and can't get ahead at his job. He complains about his losses and failures to his buddies at the bar every night.

Terry also gets frustrated, but he ignores the losses and rarely talks about them. Instead, he makes his wins firm by sharing them with his family and friends and looks for new ways to succeed.

So when Dan, the owner of the shop, decides to promote someone to the manager position, who does he choose?

Becoming the leader of a project, group or business is very thrilling. You get to make the decisions, help more people, earn more pay and have more fun. Anyone can become a leader by doing the following.


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