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How to Become a Leader

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"The points are K for KNOWLEDGE, R for RESPONSIBILITY and C for CONTROL."

"It is difficult to be responsible for something or control something unless you have KNOWLEDGE of it."

"It is folly to try to control something or even know something without RESPONSIBILITY."

"It is hard to fully know something or be responsible for something over which you have no CONTROL, otherwise the result can be an overwhelm."

"Little by little one can make anything go right by




"If one sorts out any situation one finds oneself in on this basis, he will generally succeed."

"By inching up each corner of the KRC triangle bit by bit, ignoring the losses and making the wins firm, a being at length discovers his power and command of life."
-- L. Ron Hubbard

Who are the most successful people you personally know? How much knowledge, responsibility and control do they have in their fields?

How often do they increase their knowledge? Their responsibility? Their control?

Do they talk about their failures or their successes?

To become a leader and achieve success, just remember these five things: increase knowledge, increase responsibility, increase control, ignore losses and solidify wins.



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