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How to Boost Your Pay with Statistics

Which of these five statements do you believe are true?

  1. "My boss determines my income."
  2. "I'll never be more successful than my parents."
  3. "My business rises and falls based on the economy."
  4. "My income controls me more than I control it."
  5. "My success is largely determined by luck."

Of course, all these statements are false. You are the one who controls your success.

One way to control your pay, and your future, is with statistics.



L. Ron Hubbard discovered many uses of statistics. Statistics show how you are doing when compared to an earlier time period. When you track several activities, you can trace why your income has gone up or gone down. Statistics can even predict your future.

"In any set of statistics of several kinds or activities, you can always find one or more that are not 'by luck' but can be directly caused by the organization or a part of it." -- L. Ron Hubbard

For example, an auto dealer learns that the more television commercials he runs, the more people come to his car lot. The customers do not show up because he is lucky, but because he buys TV commercials.

Another example: A computer programmer finds her pay increases whenever she spends her spare time learning new programming languages. More study hours equals greater pay.


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