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How to Boost Your Power Base

To succeed you need a power base.

What is a power base? It can include the money and property you control. The number of people who you influence. The groups or businesses you control. The number of people who listen to you. The size of your game.

So how do you get more power?

In most cases, you have to get your power from others. People give you (or don't give you) control, credibility, money, property, authority, influence and so on.

How you act with people often determines the amount of power you get.

For example, Mr. Green is the CEO of a successful book publishing company in . He is retiring and needs to recommend a new CEO to the Board of Directors. Mr. Green's two best managers are Steve, who runs the printing division, and Melissa, who runs the editing division.

Steve has wanted to run the company for years. He tells his staff, "Someday, I'll be running things and we'll come out of the dark ages. Mr. Green's a nice guy and all that, but he's old."

Melissa is also interested in the CEO job. She tells her staff, "Mr. Green is an outstanding leader. He's taught me a great deal. If I run things, I'll try to be like Mr. Green."

Steve likes to disagree with Mr. Green. "You don't want me to be a yes-man do you Mr. Green? We can't always do things your way. I have better ideas."

Melissa prefers to support Mr. Green. "Tell me what you want done and I'll take care of it for you."

Steve is shocked when Mr. Green recommends Melissa for the CEO position.

Your Power Sources