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How to Build a Cash Reserve

What is your net worth? If you had an emergency or wanted to make a major purchase, how much cash could you raise?


If you can save money, your chances of succeeding in the future are much greater.


A cash surplus has many advantages. For example:

  • You can negotiate better purchases if you do not need to borrow
  • Emergencies are less stressful when you have plenty of cash
  • You can help the people you love with their emergencies
  • You do not feel trapped by your job if you have enough savings to live on for a few years
  • You have the option of getting into activities you enjoy
  • You have more choices of where to live
  • You feel more secure


For most people, saving money is very difficult. Your immediate need is more stressful than your future need. You do not have enough to cover current bills. You like to enjoy your money now.


Even if you manage to save some money, you end up spending it. You have an emergency. You find something you really want to buy. You promise yourself you'll pay it back, but you never do.


Saving money takes more self-discipline than most people have. It is very difficult to put money aside each month into savings.


The Key to Saving a Surplus of Cash

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