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How to Get into the Driver's Seat of Life (Part 2)

As you may remember from last week's article, you cannot succeed by blaming others.

No matter how often you blame others, no matter how convincing your arguments, and no matter how many people agree with you, blame does not boost your productivity, increase your income or make you happier.

"Full responsibility is not fault; it is recognition of being cause."
-- L. Ron Hubbard

Accepting full responsibility makes you successful. You can solve your own problems. You sit in the driver's seat of life.

How to Take More Responsibility

"We can define responsibility as the concept of being able to care for, to reach or to be."

"It includes guard it, help it, like it, be interested in it, etc."

"It is willingness to own or act or use or be."
-- L. Ron Hubbard

From the above quotes, we can create a list of questions. The answers are a guide for fuller responsibility. Examples:

CAUSE IT: How have I caused this problem?
CARE FOR IT: What aspect of this problem can I care for?
REACH IT: Instead of withdrawing from it, how can I reach toward it?
BE IT: Is there some way I can be it? What would I do if I were this person?
GUARD IT: Is there some way I can guard it?
HELP IT: Is there something I can do to help it?
LIKE IT: What can I do to like it better? What do I like about it?
INTERESTED IN IT: What can I do to become more interested in it?
OWN IT: How can I own it?
ACT WITH IT: Can I act with it? What actions can I take?
USE IT: How can I use it?

Responsible People

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