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How to Get into the Driver's Seat of Life (Part 2)

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Responsible People

Responsible people look at how they cause things. They care for people around them. They do not withdraw from difficulties, but reach out to solve them.

They can imagine how it is to be other people. They guard friendships and defend the people they work with and for. They like people and enjoy helping them.

They are naturally interested in others. They never say, "That's not my problem," but will own any problem and say, "Maybe I can help." They act and use their abilities to the advantage of all.


These examples show how irresponsible and responsible people deal with problems.

Not Responsible: "Hey! That guy sold me a bad car. He ripped me off! It won't even start!"

Responsible: "How did I cause this? Maybe if I'd gotten a mechanic to check it before I bought it. I should have been suspicious because the price was so low. Learned a good lesson here."

Not Responsible: "That woman I called was so mad at me I just can't work any longer. I'll just quit for today and wait to make these calls until tomorrow when I'll be feeling better."

Responsible: "How did I cause that woman to get mad? I guess I did nothing! She was angry before I called. How can I care for her? Well, she really was not mad at me, I think she's just acting out a personal problem. I should take some interest and ask how she is next time. I'm ready to work now."


More Examples

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