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How to Get into the Driver's Seat of Life (Part 3 of 3)

As you may remember in Parts 1 and 2 of "How to Get into the Driver's Seat of Life," you increase your power and success by assuming responsibility.


Believing, Knowing, Willing

Taking responsibility for something does not necessarily mean you have to do anything. Just change your attitude about the situation.

"To be responsible for something one does not actually have to care for it or reach it or be it. One only needs to believe or know that he has the ability to care for it, reach it or be it." -- L. Ron Hubbard

Bob owned a large copy machine sales and service company. Sales had been in a slump for several weeks. He couldn't get his sales team to sell machines no matter what he tried.


He learned this application of responsibility and decided to step up to the plate. He told his sales people, "If you guys don't sell some copiers within the next three hours, I'll do it myself." Until then, Bob had not been willing to do any sales. But when he said he would go sell copiers himself, he really meant it.


Three hours later, Bob grabbed some prospect sheets and headed for his car to go make some sales. Before he made it outside, two salesmen called the office to arrange delivery for new copiers. Bob smiled and went back to his work. Three other sales came in by the end of the day, which meant they sold more machines that afternoon than in the previous month. Bob knew his willingness made the difference.


Responsibility Can Work Like Magic

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