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How to Guarantee Your Success

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More Examples

Salesman Pete needs to sell 10 cars per week to keep his favorite work shift. He plans on how to sell 30 cars per week. By working hard to sell 30, he always gets at least 10.

Executive Chris absolutely needs to be in for a meeting tomorrow morning. She makes a flight reservation on two different airlines. She has no stress when driving to the airport. As soon as she takes off with her first flight, her assistant cancels the extra flight.

Computer programmer Nick loses a full day of production when his old computer crashes and burns out forever. To increase his chances of success, he buys two identical computers. He installs his software programs on both computers. He keeps his files synchronized so if one computer ever fails, his production never stops.

Marci wants to get married, but after breaking up with the first boyfriend last year and breaking up with the second boyfriend this year, she decides to make a change. Instead of going out with just one fellow at a time, she decides to form friendships with five gentlemen. Within a few months, Marci is engaged to be married.

If you need one job, apply for 10. If you want to find the perfect house, go look at 25 houses. If you want to lose 10 pounds, dedicate yourself to lose 30 pounds.

If you want a stable career, learn twice as many skills as you need. If you need three hours for an important project, schedule five hours. If you need one great assistant, hire three.

"In life, the only real guarantee of survival is abundance."
-- L. Ron Hubbard



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