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How to Take More Control, Part Two

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If you are a boss, a parent or a leader, you know how difficult it can be to control others. Yet when you control people properly, they like it!

People feel satisfied when you control them properly. You start them, allow them to make changes and then stop them when they are finished.

"Jill, please bring me the red pen . . ." (Start) ". . . and put it right there." (Change) "Thank you very much." (Stop)

People do not like you to control them when you mess up any of the three points.

For example, if a business does not start its employees by telling them when they should arrive for work, people just start work when they get around to it. The late starters irritate the prompt starters. Some might not start at all. The business is a messy confusion.

So if you want to control a group or an individual, you need to give a clean "START" and then let them get on with it. "Everyone must be here at 8:00 AM for staff meeting. Not 8:01! We will start the meeting at 8:00." Of course, you then make sure the meeting starts exactly at 8:00.



Once you start someone, you create problems if you prevent the change portion of the cycle. For example, you tell one of your staff members, "Dave, please sweep up this room."

Just as he gets out the broom, you say, "Dave, you need to file these papers right now."

After he files a few papers, you say, "Hurry Dave, go get me a box!"

You earn better cooperation if you let people complete the change without interruption.

"Dave, please sweep up this room."



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