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How to Use Statistics to Boost Your Income

True or False?

• My income controls me more than I control it.

• My success is largely determined by luck.

• My boss determines my income.

• I'll never be more successful than my parents.

• My business rises and falls based on the economy.


Of course, all these statements are false.

One way to control your destiny is with statistics.


L. Ron Hubbard has discovered many uses of statistics. Statistics can predict your future. They can show you who is pulling their weight and who is loafing. They can accurately tell you if you are succeeding or failing.

All important functions in your business, career or job can be measured by statistics. For example, a well-managed restaurant tracks several statistics: How much money was collected each day, how many meals were served, the average amount paid per customer and so on.

You take command of your income by discovering which of your statistics are causing the income to go up.

"In any set of statistics of several kinds or activities, you can always find one or more that are not 'by luck' but can be directly caused by the organization or a part of it." -- L. Ron Hubbard

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