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How You Control Your Financial Success

You can get everything you want in life as long as you give others enough of what they want. If you give nothing of value, you get nothing of value. Your method of exchange determines your wealth.

The type of exchange determines your financial success. L. Ron Hubbard points out four types of exchange.

"1. First consider a group which takes in money but does not deliver anything in exchange. This is called rip-off." - L. Ron Hubbard

Examples of this first condition of exchange:

• You pay a $1,000 deposit for a new car. The dealer goes bankrupt. You get no car and no refund.

• A plumber loosens a pipe, shows you the "leak", tightens the fitting, makes noise, charges you $159.

• Someone in your office avoids doing work. Lots of excuses, lots of smoke screen, no work, full pay.

This first exchange condition is basically theft. You are in this condition if no one can trust you. You get fired from jobs. You are constantly covering your tracks or end up in jail. Your business goes under.


The second exchange condition is cheating.


"2. Second is the condition of partial exchange. The group takes in orders or money for goods and then delivers part of it or a corrupted version of what was ordered." - L. Ron Hubbard

• County fair booth promises to show you a two-headed cow, but actually shows an odd-looking skeleton.

• The "$99 Dream Vacation Package" turns out to be a smelly motel room by the freeway.

• Instead of working, an employee reads a magazine, surfs the net or makes personal calls while being paid.


If this is your style of exchange, you also get fired. Your business barely survives or eventually fails. You never earn any wealth.

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