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"It's Not My Job!"

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First Solution

"Anything in an organization is your job if it lessens the confusion if you do it." -- L. Ron Hubbard

For example, you work in a doctor's office as a file clerk. You notice the receptionist is scheduling two patients while the telephone is ringing, and three kids are on the floor hitting each other. Would you lessen the confusion by helping? Or would your assistance just increase the confusion?

In this case, it would reduce confusion if you stepped in and helped. Even though you are the file clerk, it IS your job to assist. You get the kids to quiet down and then answer the telephone. The patients schedule their appointments and the receptionist thanks you.

Another example: You work at a newspaper selling ad space. Someone bursts into your office and says, "Three government agents are here and they want all our files! What should we do?"

Do you get the files? Call an attorney? Have a discussion with the government agents?

Because you have nothing to do with the legal branch of the newspaper, it is NOT your job. Taking action would ADD confusion. You wisely say, "Go tell the boss" and you go back to work.

Second Solution

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