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A short and cute story

Here is a short and cute story my friend told me... It's a story that explains how one can quickly handle a class full of problematic children, and I love it! 


Once upon a time, there was a kid that was the source of a lot of problems in his classroom. The situation became unbearable and so the teacher decided to involve the child’s parents.



The parents arrived to the meeting very worried. The teacher explained their kid's unbearable actions and asked the parents what they suggest should be done… 


The father said, "I've talked to him too, punished him, and I simply do not know what to do." The teacher suggested to take the kid for a professional observation.  


The mother said, "I do not believe in such actions. It will not solve the problem." 


So the teacher said, "Well, how about Ritalin?" 


The father said, "How will we get Ritalin?" 


The teacher said, "I will get the Ritalin and the kid will take it every morning before he arrives to school and all will be good." 


The mother said, "It won't work… The mornings are crazy as it is and my son will not do it…" 


The teacher said, "Don't worry, I have an idea. I will personally ensure every morning that he will take the pill." 


The father said, "NO WAY. All the kids will see that he is taking Ritalin and he will be labeled as abnormal." 


The teacher thought for a moment and said, "I have an idea… Every day, at the first break, I will ask the kid to make me a cup of coffee. At my locker I will have the pills and he will simply take them and no one will know." 


Ah good solution - perfect! The parents agreed.   


From then on, every day the kid arrived to see the teacher at break, went to the locker and made the coffee for the teacher. 


And indeed, from that moment forward, things started to go very well in the class and the atmosphere was great.   


A few weeks later the mother asked the kid, "So honey, how is it going at school?" 


The kid said all was absolutely excellent!  


The mother asked the kid, "So, can you explain how come it is so perfect recently?" 


The kid answered, "Of course I can Mom... Every morning the teacher sends me to prepare a cup of coffee for her. I prepare the coffee and drop one Ritalin into the coffee. She then drinks the coffee and all is going well in the class. Things have never been so smooth...!" 


The mother smiled... : -)


I love the way this kid thinks… : -)

Meir Ezra

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