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Be Honest with Yourself

To succeed, you need to use the truth.

For example, you own an auto repair shop and give estimates to repair cars. Sometimes, you exaggerate a customer's problem so you can charge him more. This increases your income, but causes you problems. One day, a newspaper reporter asks you, "Did you actually charge Mrs. Jones $150 to replace her piston hypometer? I know a lot about cars and I've never hears of a hypometer. What's going on here?"

On the other hand, if you understate the customer's auto repair problem, you are compromising what you know to be true. You prevent your customer from making good decisions. You feel like a wimp.

You learn that the only way to behave is to look your customer in the eye, without hesitation, and tell the truth. The customer can then act accordingly. You do your job, even if you don't make as much money on that particular job, and even if the person doesn't like the truth.

When you have the courage to call the truth the truth you become a powerful force.



Integrity means you are honest, complete and honorable. It means you hold to your personal code of conduct. You stick to what you decide is right and wrong.

When you live with integrity, you succeed. You are open and honest. Your life is uncomplicated and less stressful.

When you have good integrity you do not lie. You can look at yourself in the mirror with pride. You have nothing to hide.


Your Personal Truths

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