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How Drugs and Toxins Hurt Your Success

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2. When you get toxins in your body, bits of these toxins do not leave.

Because they are stored in your body, they can enter your blood at any time to hurt your health, change your personality and block your ability to think.

"In the 1970s, working with cases of individuals who had been drug users, and in a study of their physical symptoms and behavioral patterns, I made a startling discovery.

"People who had been on LSD at some earlier time sometimes had reactions which appeared to act as if they had just taken more LSD!"

"LSD apparently stays in the system, lodging in the tissues, and mainly the fatty tissues of the body, and is liable to go into action again--giving the person unpredictable 'trips'--even years after the person has come off LSD."

"Thus it seems that residues* of any or all of these hostile biochemical* substances apparently have the potential of remaining in the system, getting caught up in the tissues and remaining there, unsuspected, even after they have supposedly been eliminated from the body years earlier."
-- L. Ron Hubbard from "Clear Body, Clear Mind" (*residues: the parts of something that remains) (*biochemical: the chemicals of a living system)

Clinical tests and medical autopsies prove that toxins do, in fact, get embedded in body tissues.


More Important Facts about Toxins 

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