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How to Be Happy

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Rule One

Every time you are unhappy, there is something you cannot experience. You cannot "be there" with it. You cannot face it. 

For example, you are unhappy when someone yells at you. You cannot stand it. It ruins your day.

So you decide you will learn to take it. You practice by having a friend yell at you until you can experience it. You realize it's simply noise. Because you can experience people yelling at you, it no longer makes you unhappy.

"To be happy, one only must be able to confront, which is to say, experience those things that are." -- L. Ron Hubbard

As another example, you need to give presentations at your job. However, you hate speaking to groups. You make up excuses and avoid this part of your job until you get fired.

If instead, you face the music and give the talks, you succeed. Despite your fear, you face and experience the audience. You confront the job and feel happy.


Wealth Tip

Rule One gives you an opportunity to increase your income. If you can easily experience work that most people can't or won't do, you become more valuable.

For example, understanding complicated laws, performing heart surgery and managing thousands of people are difficult jobs to experience. This is why lawyers, doctors and CEOs make more money than others. Jobs like selling hot dogs or answering telephones are easy to experience and so do not pay as well.

What valuable work can you do that others can't easily experience? What are the most difficult things for you to experience at work? If you could easily experience them, what would happen with your pay?


Rule Two

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