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How to Break Bad Habits

To succeed, you must have the power to break your bad habits.


For example, bad spending habits block your financial success. Laziness ruins your income. Acting like a victim makes people avoid you.


Bad health is caused by smoking, drinking, drugs, bad diet or a lack of exercise. When you break these bad habits, you feel better and live longer.


Bad marriages are also caused by bad habits, like dishonesty, disrespect or cheating. When you break these habits, you and your spouse enjoy a happier marriage.


From smoking to lying, being disorganized to gambling, you can stop any behavior that is bad for you and your success.


Taking Control

You have the power to control yourself. You move your arms and legs. You decide what you say. You determine where your body goes.


In other words, habits are not forced on you by others. Breaking habits means you take control.


"A habit is simply something one cannot stop." "When one loses the ability to stop something, that thing to some degree has become his master." -- L. Ron Hubbard

From The Problems of Work


For example, you decide to stop being late for work. For several days, you get out of bed on time, quickly get ready for work and arrive on time. You feel in control.


But then one morning, you have a powerful urge to stay in bed. You cannot stop the feeling and end up being late for work. You do this almost every morning for a week.


You then decide to take better control and use more intention than before. You successfully stop being late. A few months later, you notice you have no urge to stay in bed and enjoy the benefits of arriving early for work, every day.


Control a Habit to Break a Habit

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