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How to Create and Maintain a Successful Marriage


Life is wonderful when you have a good marriage. (Even though we use the terms "marriage" and "spouse," this article applies to every type of close, personal, sexual relationship).

You can endure the difficulties at work more easily if you can go home to a successful marriage. You have more fun during your free time when you do it with your spouse. Insurance experts agree that happily married people are healthier and live longer than single people.

On the other hand, life is miserable when you are trapped in a bad marriage. You and your spouse either argue or avoid communicating. You and your spouse cannot agree on anything and prefer to spend your time apart from each other.

The stress of a bad marriage makes your work more difficult. Your production and income suffer because you are miserable. You search for reasons to get a divorce.

An Important Ingredient in All Successful Marriages

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