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How to Figure Out Your Best Solutions

Your mind is like a powerful computer. It's job is to solve problems so you can enjoy a successful life. Unfortunately, certain problems can freeze or clog your computer.


In a 1951 handbook, L. Ron Hubbard wrote a exercise to help you improve the performance of your mind. It takes several minutes and your full attention to work. But it is worth the effort!


You might discover this exercise helps you solve your biggest, most difficult problems, by yourself, right now, on your own.


The exercise includes 12 questions for which you will need to write down the answers.


For example for the first question, write down your five biggest problems -- problems that you are not solving. You can write things like, "I am not making enough money to get ahead." "My marriage is about to fall apart." "I cannot lose weight." "I feel sad and upset by my best friend." "I have too much to do." "I can't sleep." "I'm drowning in debt." "I cannot escape from my horrible circumstances." "My bad habit is getting worse." "I cannot find enough good prospects to talk to me." "I can't stand where I live." "I cannot find a spouse."


You then write down the answers to the second question, third question and so on. Because you are looking at your problems in a new light, new solutions pop into your mind. Your computer begins to operate as it should!



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