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How to Form a Relationship with Anyone

You can only succeed with the help, interest and support of others, and this requires the ability to form business and personal relationships.

A powerful tool you can use to break the ice and form new relationships comes from the book, The Problems of Work:

"The way to talk to a man, then, would be to find something to like about him and to discuss something with which he can agree."

-- L. Ron Hubbard

You can use this simple two-part system to talk to anyone!

For example, you want to form a relationship with a neighbor. Where do you start?

1. Find something to like about the neighbor. You look him over and decide he has a nice smile and good looking boots. This step is done. You don't have to say anything unless you feel like it.

2. Discuss something with which he can agree. You have to ask some questions to determine this. What has he been doing lately? How's his family? What do they do for fun?

For example, he talks about a fantastic vacation he and his family just enjoyed in . You love , too. You discuss and agree on 's fun spots.

As another example, you are waiting for your flight to at an airport. You decide to establish a relationship with the business woman sitting next to you. First you find something you like about her. You like her red-leather briefcase.

So you say, "Nice briefcase!" She smiles and nods. You then find something with which she can agree.

"Are you from ?" She starts to communicate. You find you both agree that weather is too cold. You then find other things of which you both agree.

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