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How to Get People to Trust You

If people cannot trust you, you will not succeed. You need people to believe you, have confidence in you, depend on you.

Losing trust is easy. You forget a promise you made. You fail to do what you said you would do.

When business owners, executives and managers cannot be trusted, no one will buy from them or work for them. Bankruptcies, lawsuits and government investigations start with broken agreements.

Governments also run into trouble when they break their word. When its citizens or other countries expect one thing and get another, they demand new leadership.

Trust is essential to marriages. In fact, you could say most divorces stem from broken agreements. "She agreed to not have an affair!" "He was going to treat me well!" "I thought I was going to be getting a husband/wife who ________."

"One's regard for another is based, in no small degree, on whether or not the person keeps his or her word. Even parents, for instance, would be surprised at the extent they drop in the opinion of their children when a promise is not kept."

"People who keep their word are trusted and admired. People who do not are regarded like garbage. Those who break their word often never get another chance."

"One should never permit another to give his or her word lightly. And one should insist that when a promise is made, it must be kept."

"Keep your word once given."
- L. Ron Hubbard

from The Way to Happiness


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