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How to Improve Your Lifestyle Despite the Recession

How do you want to improve your lifestyle? Your standard of living?

Do you want a new car, a more comfortable house, better clothes?

What is the ideal lifestyle for you? If everything went well this year, how would you be living? Take a minute to write a description of the lifestyle you want.

Next, take this quiz.


Check the items below that determine your standard of living:
• The economy
• Your employer
• Thinking good thoughts
• Your parents
• Luck, fate, destiny
• Big business
• Chanting, hoping, meditating
• The government
• Rich people
• Your productivity

If you selected the last factor, you can do something to improve your lifestyle.

"Products are the basis of a standard of living. They don't appear from midair. They come from work truly done." -- L. Ron Hubbard

That's right. Your products determine your lifestyle.

When you produce enough valuable products, you earn the standard of living you want.

So What Is Your Product?

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