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How Toxins Hurt Your Success

Toxin: A poisonous substance.

You are bombarded with toxins every day. Air pollution, water pollution and food chemicals get into your body. Toxins are in cleaning products, paint, fertilizers, construction material, bug sprays, even perfume. Medical drugs are also toxins that you receive during medical operations and dental visits, or through prescriptions.

Perhaps the worst toxins of all are street drugs: marijuana, cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, speed and so on.

L. Ron Hubbard discovered three important facts about toxins:

1. Toxins, especially street drugs, have long-term effects on your personality. Even after you stop using drugs, you are never your old self. You may be less alert or less intelligent than before you took drugs. You may not be as patient, friendly or kind.

"Drugs can apparently change the attitude of a person from his original personality to one secretly harboring* hostilities and hatreds he does not permit to show on the surface."
-- L. Ron Hubbard
from "Clear Body, Clear Mind" page 13 (*harboring: holding in the mind; maintaining.)

Can you remember how you felt before you took drugs? Was it easier for you to learn? Maybe you could think more clearly back then?

Success is difficult when you dislike or distrust people.


More Important Facts about Toxins

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