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Personal Glory Is a Lousy Goal

“Never need praise, approval or sympathy.”

It feels good to be admired. It feels satisfying to be liked. But to seek personal fame as a goal can ruin your career, your business, your family, your life.

An Arabian proverb sums up fame in six words: “A dog barks; the caravan passes.” You might make lots of noise and get some attention, but life moves on. Why waste time and effort for a few dog barks?

Like any addiction, getting admiration fixes can dominate your life. For example, you buy a car or house to earn status. You marry the wrong person because you think the marriage makes you look good. You choose a career because it makes you popular, not because you love the work.

If admiration from others is a big source of your happiness, you become addicted to finding more and more admiration. You lose sight of goals that really matter in life.

If your purpose is to be famous, admired or liked, your decisions will be wrong. People will not respect you. You lose money.

To succeed, you need to learn this important lesson. If you fail to learn this lesson, your success will always be limited. The lesson is this: seeking personal importance interferes with your success.

, from “The Code of Honor”-- L. Ron Hubbard

10 Reasons Why Seeking Admiration Is a Bad Idea

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