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Personal Glory Is a Lousy Goal

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10 Reasons Why Seeking Admiration Is a Bad Idea

1. You depend on others for your happiness or feeling of self-worth.

2. Because you need the credit for good ideas, you prevent implementation of anything if you did not think of it. For example, you might ignore a brilliant solution because the idea comes from your spouse or employee or coworker.

3. As a boss, you refuse to let anyone make decisions. You want everyone to wait for your blessing before they act. As a result, you get stressed to pieces while competent people feel insulted.

4. People learn they can control you by praising you or criticizing you.

5. You avoid important duties because they are unpopular. For example, a boss might not correct employees as it is unpopular. An employee might not demand payment from a customer as he doesn't want to be unpopular with that customer.

6. Without a regular dose of validation, you start to criticize yourself.

7. Working for admiration distracts you from working on more valuable, long-term objectives.

8. To make the herd like you, you follow the herd and never break into personal success beyond the herd's success.

9. Achieving personal glory does not mean you can now pay your bills.

10. No matter how successful you might be, if you do not get admiration, you feel like a failure.


• Make your decisions based on what is right for your goals, your family, your group.

• Choose goals that have nothing to do with personal glory or fame.

• Start to admire and appreciate yourself; avoid the need for admiration from others.

• Do what is right, not what you will be applauded for.

• Evaluate yourself by your own standards of what you should be, not what others want you to be.

As a result, your personal potential is unlimited!


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