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Step One: BE a Success

Jane wants a healthy body. Andy wants a successful accounting firm. George wants a big happy family.


All three know how to reach their goals. Jane knows she needs to control her diet and exercise every day. Andy knows he needs to promote his accounting practice and provide outstanding service to his clients. George knows he needs to learn more about raising children and to spend more time with his family.


Yet they never actually DO the steps they must do to HAVE the results they want to have. Why not?


Be, Do, Have

As you know, to HAVE the things you want, you need to DO certain actions. For example, before you can HAVE money, you need to DO things to earn the money. You need to identify the most valuable product or service you can provide; show people the benefits of your service or product; deliver this service or product in high volume and high quality; collect money, expand your operation, learn from your mistakes and so on.


What you may not know is that one other condition must exist before you can succeed.


"The ability to be is more important than the ability to do. The ability to do is more important than the ability to have." -- L. Ron Hubbard


That's right! BEING is more important than DOING or HAVING!


What Is The Correct BE

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