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The Power of Your Imagination (Part One)

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Destroy a Past

After being married to Bill for 10 years, Julie has a brief affair with an old boyfriend. She breaks off the affair and tells her husband Bill what she did.

Months later, Bill tells his friend, “I've tried, but I just can't forgive her. I want us to have a wonderful marriage, but all I can think about is her in a motel bed with her boyfriend.”

Bill's friend, who knows the power of imagination, says, “Use your imagination to fix this. Imagine she never had the affair.”

Bill does this. “Okay. Julie never even saw this guy. It never happened. She was shopping.” He closes his eyes and puts his imagination to work. A few minutes later, he says, “Fantastic! I feel better about this. I even think I can forgive her now.”

Of course, Bill knows Julie was unfaithful, but the past incident no longer ruins his marriage. He used his imagination to destroy the affair.

Change the Present

Liz works for a nasty, mean boss. “Liz! I told you to clean my bathroom. Get to work you stupid cow!” She feels like crying whenever he yells at her.

Liz uses her imagination to change the present. “I'm going to imagine my boss is only five years old and I let him think he's really important.”

Now, when the boss yells at Liz, she secretly smiles at his tantrums. Liz uses her imagination to change the present.

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