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The Power to Make People Happy

If you can make people happy, you have a vital key to your success.

All your success depends on other people. People give you money, raises, contracts, praise, support, opportunities, help and advice. They recommend you to other people who also give you what you need. If you can make people happier than they already are, you get more of what you want.

People can also hinder your success. If you make them unhappy, they may give you criticism, opposition and bad reviews. Even if they do not actively oppose you, they can withhold their support, hide your options or do nothing for you.

When you make others happy, you own an important skill. You can open doors to success. Just the act of making people happy is rewarding.

"If a person thinks he can be happy without making those around him happy, he's crazy."
-- L. Ron Hubbard

However, the first step to making people happy can be difficult.

Step One

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