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To Win the Game of Life, Lighten Up!

Each day you face serious burdens. Maybe you don't make enough money. Your love life is boring. You hate your work.

Perhaps you dislike where you live. Your coworkers are unfriendly. You do things you regret.

If you finally decide to do something about it, what do you do?

Move to a new town? Leave your spouse? Look for a new job?

Maybe you just watch more television or drink a little more wine.

But the drudgeries or burdens always return. Life seems pretty serious.

Fortunately, you can do one thing right now that will change everything.

"When a man loses his Spirit of Play, he's dead." "... a guy will tell you, 'Well, I had some illusions when I was a kid, but I've lost all those. I'm practical now. We've got to face this thing practically, and what we are doing here is very serious.'"

"You want to know what seriousness is? Seriousness is solidity. You ever hear of a 'solid citizen?'

"There's nothing that succeeds like insouciance*. Plain flippancy** will actually get more done in less time than anything else you can name."

"And the more seriously you take the game, the less chance there is of winning."
-- L. Ron Hubbard
(*Insouciance: Lack of concern, carefree.) (**Flippancy: casualness, disrespectful joy.)


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