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The Two Elements of Success

To succeed you need both force and intelligence. Every failure you have ever had was because you lacked sufficient force or intelligence.


If you use the correct amount of force and the correct amount of intelligence, you succeed at anything you do.


Selling Cars

Ross and Sue work at an auto dealership selling cars. Neither are doing very well. Each has a different approach to selling.


Ross grabs your hand, pats your back and speaks loudly. He likes to bully people into taking test drives and making offers.


Ross says, "This REALLY is the best car for you! You look GREAT in it! I'll get you an INCREDIBLE DEAL! Sit down. Let's make an offer. Wait a minute! You can't leave yet!"


Sue takes a different approach. She says, "You know if you consider the engineering and statistical advances of this model, and compare it to the consumer surveys of the past three years, you can make a wise decision."


Ross tries to close the deal by saying, "Come ON! You'll never get a BETTER DEAL! You need to buy it NOW! What the heck are you waiting for?"


Sue tries to close the deal by saying, "Your decision should be based on your income, your commuting needs and your values. I suggest you weigh the pros and cons while discussing the issue with your family."


Neither approach is successful.


What is Unsuccessful Leadership

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