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Why You Must Be Unreasonable

You succeed when you are unreasonable about succeeding. You neither give nor accept excuses. You insist on becoming a success, no matter what it takes.

L. Ron Hubbard defines reasonableness as "faulty explanations." When you agree with faulty explanations, you are too reasonable.

Examples of faulty explanations:

"I can't repair your furnace today as it might rain." The truth is, the repairman is going to drink beer with his friends.

"None of the staff will work past 5:00." The truth is, the manager does not want to work past 5:00.

"I can't pay you as I promised as my wife is sick." The truth is, he is spending the money on a new boat.


Why Agree?

If you agree with faulty explanations, you agree to fail. Excuses, justifications and reasonableness produce nothing.

Yet disagreeing with failure, with problems and with excuses, helps you succeed.

"If you can't fix the furnace today because of the rain, I'll find someone who repairs furnaces, despite the rain."

"I believe lots of people will work past 5:00. You are the manager and need to handle the schedules. Do you need me to show you how to do it?"

"Well, I'm sorry about your wife, but don't see how that's related. You agreed to pay me today, so I'll have to get the money from you right now as you promised."

When you disagree with faulty explanations, when you are unreasonable about failure, the sun shines, the rainbows appear and everything improves.


Statistical Justifications

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