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Your Kingdom

You deserve a kingdom.


For example, Bob is the king of the little-league baseball team he coaches. Kelli is the queen of the company she started. Peter's kingdom is a garden or a coin collection.


Stella is the queen over the report filing department. Fred commands the school. Linda rules everything and everyone within her kitchen.


"There is no happiness higher than to be king in some corner -- no man* is worth anything who is not." -- L. Ron Hubbard (*man: a member of mankind; a man, woman or child)


So what is your kingdom? What are your goals for your kingdom? What new kingdom do you wish to rule?



Define your kingdom. You are the ruler of your own life, your own space, your own activities, your own possessions. You influence people. You command an area of this world.


Allow others to be part of your kingdom. Let them create their own kingdoms inside or outside your kingdom. As a result, your kingdom will grow.


Rule your kingdom with kindness and wisdom. Set goals to expand it and make it more successful. Use your kingdom for good and your happiness is guaranteed!


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