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No Shortcuts to Prosperity

You have problems if you focus too much on money or too much on production.

If you focus too much on money, all you think is "get money, get money, get money." You borrow as much money as you can. You convince people to pay you for services or goods you have not produced. You gamble or invest hoping you will get money without having to work for it.

For example, the manager of a computer company is more concerned about selling computers than making computers. She buys huge advertisements, hires excellent salespeople and pays them big commissions. Because her company cannot make enough computers, and the ones they do make are bad quality, she gets fired by the owner. The company has a horrible reputation and closes down.

If you focus too much on production, all you think is "produce, produce, produce." You build your product or provide your service without any attention on money. You think, "If I just do nothing but produce, I'll eventually get some money."

For example, a dentist loves making people's smiles look perfect. He hates asking for money. So he works hard fixing people's teeth, but never collects his fees. He does not focus enough on money and goes out of business.

"When either money or production get out of balance one has trouble. All production and no money is as bad as all money and no production.

"This also answers the world mystery of booms and depressions which, unsolved, drove the whole field of economics into a mad subject."

"Well-paid delivery in high quality is the correct answer. Only then can a boom continue."

"There are no shortcuts to honest prosperity."
-- L. Ron Hubbard

All Money, No Production

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