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Operating with the Truth

When you state the truth, you succeed.


For example, if you exaggerate a customer’s problem to increase your income, you run into problems. The customer can sense the lie, no matter how sincere you act. If you are caught, the penalties are painful.

If you understate the customer’s problem or your fees, you are selling out what you know to be true. You prevent your customer from making the proper decisions. You feel like a wimp.

You must look the customer in the eye, without hesitation, and deal with the truth. The customer can then act accordingly. You did your job even if the person doesn’t like the truth.

When you have the courage to call the truth the truth you become a more powerful force. It is easy to hold a position on an honest fact.

For example, your software adds numbers incorrectly. You call the software technician who looks it over. He says, "the problem is the user; the software is fine." You pull out a calculator and prove the computer’s answer is wrong.

Because you know the truth, you refuse to agree with the technician. No matter how smart the expert is, or how inexperienced the user is, you KNOW the figures do not add up. You have personal integrity.

The same idea applies to your family, spouse and friends. You agree or disagree based on what you know to be true, not on what they want you to believe.


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