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How to Succeed with ARC (Affinity, Reality and Communication)

"Without affinity, there is no reality or communication. Without reality, there is no affinity or communication. Without communication, there is neither affinity nor reality. Now, these are sweeping statements, but are nevertheless very valuable and are true." -- L. Ron Hubbard


Affinity: how well you like or love a person

Reality: how much agreement you have with a person; what you agree to be real

Communication: your exchange of information and ideas

Understanding: The result of combining affinity, reality and communication


By using ARC, you can significantly improve your relationships at work and at home, find new friends, make more sales, negotiate better deals, lead your group more effectively and help more people. You will be selected as the best person for a date, for promotions at work, big contracts for your business or whatever you want most from life. Using this tool gives you more self-confidence, greater peace of mind and an improved view of yourself.


Part 1 in this series explains how the ARC Triangle works and how you can increase the amount of ARC you have with someone. You can read Part 1 by going to Part 2 explains how you can repair upsets you have with others.


Part 2: Breaks in the ARC Triangle

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