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Stupid Thinking

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Even Small Crimes Have Big Consequences

People who commit small crimes do not think in sequence either. "If I take a few office supplies, no one will know." This person does not see the nagging feeling of guilt or the possibility of getting caught, getting fired and being labeled a criminal. This person does not realize that the risks far outweigh the tiny benefit.

Breaking your agreements at work is another way you lose by not thinking ahead. For example, to get a sales commission, you violate a company policy and promise things the company cannot deliver. The company then has upset customers and lawsuits. As soon as the lawyers sort things out, your reputation is ruined and you are fired.

Breaking agreements with your spouse, friends and family members can also have horrible consequences. For example, you agree to pick up a child at school. You decide you have just enough time to go have a beer after work and decide no one will mind if you're a bit late. You then forget about the child entirely.



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