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Take Charge of Your Life

You cannot succeed if you are confused. Your education, skills and experience are made useless by confusion.

For example, you want to earn more money. So you take a computer class and learn to use Microsoft Office software. You gain the education to earn more pay, but because you are confused about what to now do, you do nothing.

Every failure starts with a confusion.

As another example, you want to raise your teenage boy to be happy and successful. One day, you find strange pills and marijuana in his room. You want to punish him, but you still hate your parents for punishing you. So you become confused and ineffective.

Confusion makes you stop and worry. It spins you around and stops your progress.

If your boss says, "You're fired!" or your spouse says, "I want a divorce," the confusion can wipe you out for weeks.

Confusion makes you give up your goals. You decide you can't start a business, have a happy marriage or get rich. You "accept reality," keep your dead-end job and just hope for the best.

Confusion and the Stable Datum

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